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Indoor Flowering Plants and Container Gardens

C1C3We offer an easy way to bring the beauty of a garden indoors with flowering plants and container gardens available at our Atlanta flower shop and through our website.

There are a number of benefits to these indoor gardens, including a wide range of colors and designs, long-lasting beauty, and easy maintenance.

These indoor containers add warmth and comfort to every room in a house and offer a way to change up your décor.

Here are just some of the beautiful options we have available that you can enjoy in your home or give as a special gift:

  • The Blooming Hydrangea Garden contains seasonal flowering plants and ivy in a décor container.
  • The European Garden has a combination of flowering seasonal plants and indoor green plants. Various baskets are available for this display.C4
  • The Princess Pink Hydrangea Plant offers multiple blooms in a stunning pink color.
  • The Sweet Bird Blooming Plant Garden is a very colorful display of flowering plants and green plants.C5
  • The Premium Flowering Garden has greenhouse-grown blooming plants as well as green plants. It’s truly stunning!
  • The Tabletop Plant Garden has numerous green plants along with a colorful blooming plant.
  • We have a number of cute topiary gardens like the Ivy Bear Topiary in Azalea Spring Garden. It has an ivy bear topiary set amongst an azalea and hydrangea garden.
  • Designer Choice—Best Blooming Plant is a great way to let us pick the best blooming plant for your gift or décor at a price range that fits your budget.

Even better than all these gorgeous choices is the fact that the majority of them are currently on sale while supplies last.C7

C8You can order these beauties by calling us, visiting our Atlanta flower shop location, or using our online ordering system.

We deliver throughout the Atlanta Metro area as well.

Flowering Plants: For Your Health and Enjoyment

Looking for something to brighten up your humble abode this summer? Or, maybe you need to get a gift for a friend in need of brighter days. An indoor plant could very well do the trick, offered potted in every color of the rainbow.

Beauty + Health Benefits = Flowering Plants

Add beauty to your home or that of a friend. Brighten up an office. In the process, you can enjoy the positive health effects that come from having beautiful living plants around you. That’s because plants are not only beautiful, but they also provide oxygen and stress relief. In fact, some plants like Gerbera daisies have been proven to help you sleep. Over at Carithers Flowers, we offer both the most beautiful and freshest arrangements of flowers and plants in all of Georgia.

Flowering Plant Ideas

Add some pizzazz to your living room today with a fine assortment of the very best blooming plants and orchids of the summer season with the Blooming Garden Plant Basket. It has full upgradeability and a wide price range to fit anyone’s budget and needs.

It leaves your living room (or wherever you decide to place this stunning basket) with an incredibly fresh and soothing aroma. Other plant options — from green bushes and shrubbery to small potted trees and of course bright and cheery flowers — all offer a fresh and sweetening aroma and, of course, are all quite a sight to see.

More on Health Benefits of Flowering Plants

The health benefits from living flowers and other plants are known to most as all plants — big and small — produce oxygen. However, there are many more benefits from living plants to consider.

For example, many live plants have been proven to soothe and calm, relieving many stress-related negativities. Then, the aforementioned Gerbera daisies plant, when flowering, is said to help you to get to sleep easier. So, keeping potted Gerbera daisies in your bed room or an arrangement of it with other flowers could very well help you out of a sleepless night.

There are many other benefits that come from having an indoor plant in your home or office, and having more than one can be for the best. Testing concludes that plants can actually reduce cold-related symptoms by 30%.

Throw in the fact that plants act as a natural air purifier and you may suddenly have found a natural way to fight sickness and stay in the game longer.

Keeping a plant in the office for its purifying properties is a great idea with all of the airborne viruses these days. Indoor plants have many other incredible health benefits — from curing headaches to actually improving a person’s mood, and just bringing a smile to another’s face.  That sounds like something all of us could use!

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