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Prom Season is Here in Atlanta

C2 C1Coming up is prom season so this is the time to start planning for prom flowers, prom boutonnieres, and prom corsages. We have a wide selection of prom flowers to choose from, or you can create you own custom prom corsage and matching custom prom boutonniere.

When you are getting ready to decide what type of prom flowers to get, consider the following factors:

  • What color is your dress? You don’t want to pick the same color for your flowers because no one will be able to see it, especially if it’s pinned to your prom gown. Instead, go with a complementary color that adds to your look.
  • What is your budget? There are a lot of costs with attending the prom, so make sure you set a reasonable budget for everything, including your flowers.
  • What do you like? Don’t just go with what is trendy. Pick your favorite flower and make sure the style represents what you like, not what your friends like. This is a special moment in your life so make it about you.

To give you an idea of what is possible for prom flowers, check out some examples from our prom flower collection:

  • The Fashion Pink Gerbera Daisy Corsage features hot pink gerbera daisies, faux diamond studs, ribbon and a keepsake jeweled wristlet.C3
  • The Dendrobium Orchid and Roses with Rhinestones has purple dendrobium orchids and roses along with rhinestones placed on a faux diamond “rock candy” wristlet.
  • The White Sweetheart Rose Corsage is also a wristlet design with white sweetheart roses, sheer ribbon, and floral greenery.

Each of these prom corsages has a matching prom boutonniere.C4

To show you a bit more of the diversity, here are three prom boutonnieres that also have matching prom corsages:

  • The Spring Yellow Alstromeria Lily Boutonniere offers a bright display for prom.
  • The Lavender Lisianthis Boutonniere is a unique floral display with a gold wire stem wrap.C5
  • The Classic White Rose Boutonniere offers a traditional look for prom.

We recommend ordering early for the best selection! You can also schedule an appointment to create your custom prom flowers. We deliver or you can pick up your prom flower order.C6

Prom Time in Atlanta

C1It’s that time of year again for prom, which means picking out the best attire, getting a limo, and, of course, picking prom flowers, including a corsage and boutonniere. Atlanta high schools, including Blessed Trinity, Greater Atlanta Christian, Lovett, Marist, Mount Pigsah, Pace Academy, Walker, Westminster, Whitefield, and Woodward Academy as well as Alpharetta High School, Lassiter High School, Marietta High School. Milton High School, Pope High School, Roswell High School, Walton High School, and Wheeler High School are all getting ready for prom.C2

To help you get the perfect prom flowers to match your style and budget, we have a wide array of corsages and boutonnieres to choose from.

Common Prom Flower Questions

Every year, the big dilemma is should the corsage match the dress? The answer is not necessarily because it should really serve as an accent or complimentary color to the dress color. Since more corsages tend to be worn on the wrist than pinned on anymore, this helps create a nice contrast.

You may also wonder what trends are prominent this year for prom flowers. The big trend continues to be ‘bling’ corsages that have rhinestones, pearls, and jewels as wristlet straps for the corsage. This can be kept as a keepsake long after the prom is over.C3

Then, the big question is who orders the corsage? While the man always did that in the past, now girls, boys, and mostly moms are involved in the ordering process so that they are ordered together for greater convenience and value.

To learn more, be sure to watch our prom video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuHhVGdQfXE.

Beautiful Prom Flowers and Custom Corsages

Besides our wide array of corsage and boutonniere choices, including favorites like roses, orchids, gerbera daisies, carnations, and more, you can also come into any of our Atlanta flower shops and work with our floral design team on a custom corsage that matches your style and color preference as well as your budget.C4

Atlanta Corsage Delivery

We realize that prom day is a busy day, picking up a last-minute dress that has been altered and the tux as well as getting to the salon for hair, nails, and makeup. To help you make one less stop that day, we offer corsage delivery throughout the Atlanta area. For $5.00, you can receive our “no worry” corsage delivery that is guaranteed to be at your door by 4pm.

It’s Prom Season! Time for Corsages and Boutonnieres!

april7c1It’s that time of year again for the big high school dance. With that comes picking out dresses, tuxes, and limos not to mention corsages and boutonnieres. This may be a first for many high school students in terms of picking out flowers to wear or to give to their prom dates.april7c5

This blog post offers some prom flower advice while also showcasing some of our latest corsage and boutonnieres that reflect this season’s trends.

Prom Flower Advice

Many students and their parents want to know the basics about corsages and boutonnieres. For example, there are trends each year that change the look of a corsage. This includes the ongoing trend of “blinging” out a corsage with rhinestones, pearls, and jewels featured on our jewelry wristlet corsages.

Every year, the fashion debate continues on whether the corsage should match the dress or not.

The answer is that the corsage is not necessarily designed to match the dress but to actually compliment or accent the dress color, so it is actually best to choose a color that coordinates rather than matches.april7c4

It is no longer the trend to have the guy order the corsage and the girl order the boutonniere. Now, everyone is involved in the prom flower ordering process and it usually all happens at once.

Corsage and Boutonniere Options

We have an extensive collection of corsages and boutonnieres to choose from with a price range that provides a way to fit your budget for the big dance. This includes a range of flower choices, including orchids, roses, hydrangea and calla lily. These are arranged with greenery and other accents to make them really stand out on a wrist or pinned on a dress or tuxedo.april7c3

The color choice is also just as extensive to ensure you have something that enhances the look of your dress and style. Our floral designers create all types of corsage styles, including traditional to avant garde to also match your fashionable ensemble.april7c2

Our Prom Flower Service

With prom day usually a hectic day of trips to the beauty salon for hair and make-up and getting ready, it’s great to know that Carithers can deliver the corsage. We can deliver your corsage to your door by 4pm for a small $5.00 service charge, saving you time on running that errand on prom day.

It’s Time for Prom! Ordering a Prom Corsage or Prom Boutonniere

promc2promc3It’s prom season again in the Atlanta area so it means thinking about what type of prom corsages and prom boutonnieres to get for the important dance and to pin on the beautiful (or handsome!) date you plan to bring to the big dance.

We’ve not only put together an extraordinary variety of reasonably priced prom corsages and prom boutonnieres, but we also have some special information about helping you pick the best flowers for the dance.

Things to Know about Prom Corsages

Here are some things to know about prom corsages:

  • Typically, the guy has always order the prom corsage while the girl has purchased the prom boutonniere for her date. Times have changed and this doesn’t always happen. Now, it can be any one that does the ordering, including Mom or Dad. Just be sure you talk it over with your date to decide who is buying what so the prom corsage and prom boutonniere are not forgotten!
  • Your prom corsage does not have to match your dress at all. After all, it might get lost when everything is one color. Instead, find a color that complements your dress color or is a wonderful accent color so it stands out!

Trends in Prom Corsages

Every year, there are a number of trends that pop up for prom corsages while some traditional flowers remain favorites. Check out our video here to find out about some of the trends in prom corsages to give you some great ideas!

This year is all about the bling, which means adding floral rhinestones, pearls, and jewels to the prom corsage as well as using jewelry wristlets, which are an upgrade from the traditional wristlet strap. This gives you an extra incentive to make that prom corsage into a treasured keepsake that we can preserve for you.promc1

Ordering Your Prom Corsage

Are you ready to order your custom prom corsage? Be sure to call us at 770-980-3000 or place your order through the blog or our online store.

promc4Plus, we make it even easier for you on the big day! Instead of picking up your prom corsage, prom boutonniere, or both, you can opt to pay $5 and get our “No Worry” corsage delivery service that guarantees it to you by 4pm on the day of the dance. That way, you can spend more time on getting dressed and having fun!

It’s a Black Tie Event: Prepping for Prom with Prom Corsages and Prom Boutonnieres

As if it isn’t hard enough to ask that girl to the prom, she’s now said “yes!” so then comes all the stuff that you feel like you have no clue about. There’s the tuxedo, the limo, and lining up the parties. Then, there may be that very unfamiliar territory that involves flowers – get used to it because women love flowers and this is the first of many times you’ll be picking out flowers!

You’ll need a prom corsage for your date, and you may even want to add a little flower to your tuxedo jacket to match – this is called a boutonniere by the way and it gets pinned to your jacket. Your girl will admire your confidence to add a flower to your own prom ensemble. And, lastly, it might bode well to pick up a rose or small bouquet for your date’s mom (bonus points!). Now that you know what you need to get, the next part is figuring out the right color, size, flowers and, of course, price.

Prom Boutonnieres

A boutonniere typically only has one flower like a rose bud, orchid, or a mum. These are pretty durable and can withstand hugs and those slow dances when you get a little closer. Try to avoid flowers that bruise easily or tend to fall apart like lilies. Keep the flower at a size that fits.

You don’t want a large, overpowering flower where your date and friends mistake you for a clown. But, you also want to make sure it’s not so tiny it gets lost. Lastly, make sure you can somehow coordinate it with your date’s prom corsage.

Prom Corsages

Don’t be nervous about picking out a prom corsage. Simply follow the same rules in terms of size and durability as well as just simply ask your date. She will gladly share her opinion. You can also ask her about colors and style of corsage. Prom corsages can be traditional wrist corsages or they can be pin-on, non-traditional, or bracelet style.

Keep the number of flowers low so that you can add some foliage or other interesting features that will make your date standout and add to her beauty.

Prom Flowers for Your Date’s Mom

You don’t have to go overboard with flowers to impress your date’s mom – after all, you are most likely on a tight budget. A single rose or small bouquet provides a way to show your respect and thanks for her trust in letting you take her daughter to prom. It might even buy you an extra hour on the clock before you must bring her home!

Carithers Flowers offers unique and affordable Atlanta Prom Flowers

You’ve chosen the perfect prom dress and your date will surely look dashing in a tux, but don’t forget your prom flowers!

Bestowing your date with flowers for prom is one of the few prom practices that is still carried out today. A traditional corsage for girls and boutonniere for guys is customary for prom night.

Carithers Flowers offers the best selection in the Atlanta metro area for prom bouquets, corsages, wristlets, and boutonnieres to match every style and color dress and tuxedo.

For the Girls:

Pink Bliss Rose Corsage

Our Pink bliss corsage features dark and light pink roses, finished with floral accents and pink ribbons.




Lavendar & Pink Enchantment Corsage

A classic corsage of tea or spray roses in pink and lavender, finished with a sheer lavender bow.





White Dendrobium Orchid Corsage

Featuring a cluster of white dendrobium orchid blooms.





For the Guys:

Green Hydrangea Bloom Boutonniere

This stem-wrapped antique-green Hyrdrangea bloom boutonniere makes a sophisticated and modern statement.




White Mini-Calla Boutonniere

A very popular and modern boutonniere, featuring a single white mini calla.





Call Carithers Flowers at (404) 418-7443 or go to www.carithers.com to place your prom flowers order today. Voted Best Atlanta Florist, Carithers Flowers offers same-day deliver in the metro-Atlanta area including Acworth, Alpharetta, Austell, Buckhead, Canton, Conyers, Decatur, Duluth, Dunwoody, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Marietta, Norcross, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Stone Mt, Tucker, Woodstock.

Follow Carithers Flowers Twitter and receive 10 % off your order using the special Twitter promo code.

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