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It’s Time to Celebrate Office Admins and Virtual Admins

C1Each year, a special time is set aside to recognize those talented individuals that work tirelessly to handle many of the small details and tasks that actually play a large role in how organized and productive a company and its leadership can be.C2

Those admins who work in the office or virtually are dedicated to making sure everything is handled at the operational level so their bosses can focus on those high-level decisions.

This year, we celebrate Administrative Professionals Week from April 24th to April 29th as well as Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, April 27th.C3

This is a good time to let your admins know just how much you value their hard work and dedication.

We have a wide selection of beautiful ways to show your appreciation, including flower arrangements, bouquets, plants and blooming plants and gift baskets. Here are some examples to show you just what is available:

  • Nature’s Delight offers jade cymbidium orchids and roses, dianthus trix, garden hydrangea and green hypericum in a ceramic keepsake cube.
  • The Thinking of You Bouquet is a garden delight with roses, orchids, and hydrangea in a keepsake vase.C4
  • Joyous Sentiments is a unique arrangement from our Exclusives Collection. It has bright yellow tulips, orchids, roses and protea along with white hydrangea. It comes in a glass rectangle vase with aspidistra and matching yellow stones.
  • The For All You Do Bouquet has yellow roses and white spring daisies in a green glass vase.C5
  • The Exotic Phalaenopsis Orchid with Tropical Bromeliad pairs two tropical flowers together for a long-lasting way to share your appreciation.
  • The Deluxe Orchard Fruit Basket is a great idea for a team of admins to share. They will love the juicy seasonal fruit like oranges, apples, kiwi, grapes and pears.C6

We deliver throughout the Atlanta area as well as across the country. Just call our Atlanta flower shop, drop in, or use our website for fast ordering any time of the day or night.

Celebrate Spring Holidays with Tulips from Holland

C1With so many spring holidays in the month of March, it’s a great idea to decorate your home or even gift others with the beauty and color of tulips direct from our flower farm partners in Holland.C3

This favorite spring flower works well with all the special days this month, including St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring, and International Day of Happiness.

Of course, tulips also make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, new additions and as a “just because.”

Tulips are also a popular choice for spring weddings and events.

Here are a few ways you can arrange tulips and add color and texture to your home, special event, or loved one’s life:C5

  • Snow White Holland Tulips are bunched together with bright copper wiring and placed in a tall rectangular glass vase with a bed of black river rocks.
  • Holland Tuscany Orange Tulips in Vase offers a fiery, warm display of bright orange in one bouquet.
  • Dutch Farm Fresh Purple Tulips offers a deep purple color that is truly regal.
  • Dutch Tulips and California Daisies offers spring tulips combined with pastel-hued gerbera daisies.
  • Springtime Tulip Bouquet displays yellow tulips with full-bloom blue hydrangea.
  • Sizzle is a hot display in a cube vase with a combination of red flowers, including red tulips.C5

Be sure to visit our Atlanta flower shop to see more ideas for arranging and enjoying tulips from Holland.

You can order in our Atlanta flower shop, call, or through our website.

We hand deliver these tulip arrangements throughout Atlanta and across the country!

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day and International Working Women’s Day

zoom_ShesAllThat7-16020295409Today’s talented workforce deserves to be applauded at every turn. That’s why special days were created to recognize the hard work that is put in by employees and working women all over the world.

The first special day is Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 4th while the second special day is International Working Women’s Day on Tuesday, March 8th.Candy Tulips

These days are an opportune time to tell employees or entrepreneurs just how much you appreciate their effort, ingenuity, and creativity.

Flowers are a beautiful way to tell someone how much you appreciate them and can be used as a gift for either one or both of these special days.c4

Here are some ideas designed to show your appreciation to an employee or a working woman who runs her own company, has taken on a leadership role, or serves as a mentor:

  • Fanciful Garden is a European style arrangement housed in a cube vase with pink and fuchsia gerbera daisies and garden roses.
  • You’re All That tells that special worker that they are truly something in your eyes. This flower arrangement features hydrangea, roses, and gerbera in shades of pink and tangerine.
  • Garden Veranda is southern style flower arrangement with hydrangea, roses, field fillers, willow accents and stargazer lilies.c3
  • White Roses & Orchids is a stunning flower arrangement of white garden roses and green cymbidium orchids.
  • The Desktop Cottage Garden Bouquet has sunflowers, lavender roses, and seasonal flowers hand arranged in a leaf-wrapped cylinder vase.
  • Pastel Palette offers a range of soft colors among hydrangea and roses that have been arranged in a bubble bowl.
  • The Mystic Modern Cube Arrangement is a unique blend of roses, lisianthus, miniature calls, stock and dahlias along with preserved oak leaves.

This is just a few of the many flower arrangements and bouquets that you can order from us.C2

There are many more options to choose from or you can meet with our floral design team to create a custom flower arrangement for Employee Appreciation Day or International Working Women’s Day.

Our Atlanta flower shop hand delivers locally and offers flower delivery services across the country through our partnerships with a network of florists who share our philosophy and vision of quality, service, and value. Call, visit, or order online today to ensure delivery for these special days dedicated to workers.

Treat Someone on Random Act of Kindness Day!

C4Everyone deserves something nice whether it is a kind word or a special gift. Random Act of Kindness Day is celebrated every February 17th with that idea in mind. If you see someone that could use a smile or a pick-me-up, this is the day to do it. Of course, any day is a good time to practice kindness, but this special day was designed to get more people to stop and think of others whether they know them or it’s someone they pass on the street.c2

Some ideas for Random Act of Kindness Day include:

  • Telling someone else how great they look or how much they mean to you.
  • Helping a stranger with their packages or getting them across the street.
  • Gifting the person behind you in line with a free cup of coffee or special treat when you pick up your own morning drink.
  • Offering to help someone who looks like they are in need.
  • Just saying hello to more people and smiling at them all day.

Of course, flowers are always going to be our favorite answer for Random Act of Kindness Day. Whether it is a bouquet or flower arrangement, we have some great products that you can share with one or more people on this special day:

  • We have a Thank You flower collection that features a range of styles, colors, and designs to fit your preference and budget. Many even include spring flowers, which are just starting to arrive at our Atlanta flower shop.c8
  • There are also numerous bestsellers that make it easy to select because you get an idea of what is trending and popular among our customers.
  • You can create a custom flower arrangement or purchase your own bulk flowers to make your own bouquets to hand out to friends and even strangers.
  • Check out our selection of special pricing on some promotional flower arrangements we are now offering while supplies last. Check our website and Atlanta flower shop for the selection.

Besides flowers, you can also think of us for other gifts for Random Act of Kindness day, including green and flowering plants, chocolates, gift baskets, balloons and other special gift items.c4

Remember that we can hand deliver these special gifts for Random Act of Kindness Day or you can come into our Atlanta flower shop so you can hand them out and enjoy their smiles of appreciation.

It’s Time to Send a Special “Thanks”

c2After receiving some great gifts at the holidays or a special delivery from a client or a boss for a great year, it’s a good time to start the year off on the right foot by sending a special gift of thanks back to those who were so thoughtful.

Or, if you did not get an opportunity to thank all the service people and others that helped you during the year, it’s the perfect time to say thank you for 2015 and looking forward to more in 2016.c3

Thank You Gift Ideas

To help you find the right way to say “thank you,” we’ve put together some special gift ideas of flowers and more that show your sentiment:

  • Elegant Celebrations features white garden roses, full-bloom hydrangea, lisianthus and winter greenery in a glass vase. It’s a truly luxurious flower arrangement.
  • The Luxurious Purple Phaleonopsis Orchid is a long-lasting way to send your thanks. It fits anywhere and requires minimal maintenance to stay beautiful.
  • The Lavender and Lilac European Cube offers roses, orchids, tulips, hydrangea, stock, lisianthus and greenery in a glass cube.c4
  • The Mystic Modern Cube Arrangement is packed with fresh flowers like lisianthus, stock, dahlias, roses and miniature callas as well as greenery and preserved oak leaves.
  • The Luxury Harvest Fruit and Gourmet Gift Basket offers seasonal fresh fruit, cookies, nuts, and cheese and crackers.
  • The Thank You Gift Basket is chock full of goodies like butter toffee pretzels, truffles, cookies, cheese, crackers, mustard and more.

We also offer many other types of “Thank You” gifts, including balloons, greeting cards, chocolates and more. You can also opt to create a custom thank you flower arrangement or custom thank you bouquet by scheduling an appointment with our floral design team.c5

Be sure to also ask about our promotions and special discounts for the New Year. Start the year off right by also joining our Petal Rewards program so you can earn points and special discounts with every purchase you make with our Atlanta flower shop.

Thank You Gift Order Process

Order by phone, in our Atlanta flower shop, or online. We send locally and nationally. We offer same-day delivery service to many local areas as well as other parts of the country in partnership with our preferred flower shop vendor network.c6

December 12th is Poinsettia Day

C1c4To get you in the holiday spirit, this Saturday, December 12th is Poinsettia Day, which is the perfect time to get your poinsettia plants for your home and office.

Buying Poinsettia Plants

We have a variety of poinsettia plants ready to take home and enjoy for the holiday season. These include the following options in both red and white:

  • Priced at $45.99, the Holiday Poinsettia stands 15” to 18” tall and features between six and nine blooms. It comes in a wicker basket with holiday trim.
  • Priced at $65.99, the Deluxe Poinsettia stands between 24” and 28” with up to 15 blooms. It also comes in a wicker basket with holiday trim.
  • Priced at $79.99, the Imperial Poinsettia is our luxury option with over 20 blooms and a height of between 30” and 36”.

Visit our Atlanta flower shop and showroom, order online, or call in your order today! 

Caring for Poinsettia Plants

With proper care, you can ensure your poinsettia plants make it to future holidays by looking after them throughout the year. Here are some pointers to make them re-bloom:

  • When you bring your poinsettia home this holiday, make sure it is placed near a sunny window. As a tropical, it likes to soak up the sunlight. It also needs a temperature of between 65 and 75 degrees. This helps keep it happy and stop any premature leaf drop.c2
  • Be sure to water the poinsettia whenever the surface feels dry. Add enough water but not too much that it is sitting in water. While the heating system in the house may need to be on, this can also reduce the humidity, which can harm the poinsettia. Try to maintain a certain level of comfort for the plant so it can make it.
  • Throughout the year, you need to continue monitoring the water, temperature, and sunlight for the poinsettia plant.
  • New growth tends to appear in the spring time, which is a sign to fertilize the poinsettia to help it thrive.
  • Around June, you can move the poinsettia plant outside in a partially shaded area with continued watering and fertilizing.
  • July is the time to pinch each stem back an inch. This encourages more branches rather than letting it grow too tall. These will continue to grow through August and into the fall season. This is the time to take them out of light and put in complete darkness in the evening hours.
  • Stop the evening darkness treatment toward the end of November and put it back in the window to let it stimulate flower buds and start the blooming process all over again.c5

Poinsettia Tips and Things to Remember

  • Danger signs include a stem that looks as though it is shriveling up. This means that the plant is stressed out and is starting to die.
  • Be sure to keep poinsettia plants away from pets as they can prove toxic.
  • Don’t rub your eyes after touching the plants as the sap can cause a rash and irritation.

Start Your Holiday Decorating and Shopping with Us!

C1Christmas is here! Well, December is, which means it’s time to get into decorating and shopping for gifts, including any corporate gifts for customers, clients, service providers and/or employees. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Holiday Decorating

Decorating the home or office is a great way to get everyone in the spirit of the holidays. Here are some of the beautiful holiday decorations we offer:

  • We have three types of poinsettia plants. The holiday poinsettia is $45.99 and stands 15” to 18” tall with six to nine blooms. The deluxe poinsettia is $65.99, stands 24” to 28” tall, and has up to 15 blooms. Finally, the imperial poinsettia is $79.99 and stands between 30” and 36” high with more than 20 blooms.C5
  • The Holiday Gold Wreath is a stunning display that features fresh evergreen, pinecones, holiday ornaments and gold ribbons.
  • The Deluxe, Fresh Holiday Garland can be used for indoor or outdoor use. It can be roped along a staircase, railings, fences, doorways and the mantle. It comes in rolls of 25 feet or 50 feet.
  • The Decorated and Lighted Three-Feet Tabletop Christmas Tree is beautifully decorated and perfect for offices, businesses, and even homes.zoom_CountryElegance06082410042708111340116

Our floral design team also can create some exceptionally beautiful custom holiday décor. For example, we can design tablescapes that provide an incredible display or numerous other types of centerpieces. Simply call 770-980-3000 to schedule a free design consultation.

Corporate Holiday Gifts

In the middle of decorating and planning gifts for loved ones, you may also think about getting some corporate holiday gifts to thank everyone for a great year. Here are just a couple of the ideas we can provide to help you check these all off your list:

  • The Holiday Tower of Fruit Gift Basket offer delicious fresh fruit like pears, apples, grapefruit, oranges, grapes, kiwi and plums.
  • The Thank You Gift Basket contains sweets like truffles, cookies, and chocolate as well as savory items, including mustard, cheese straws, crackers and more.C7
  • The Flowers & Gourmet Combination Basket brings together our fresh flowers with a range of high-quality gourmet holiday foods to enjoy throughout the season.C8

You can order these and many other items by phone, in our three Atlanta flower shops, or online today!

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